Frequently Asked Questions regarding Cardboard Disposal Ban at UNL

Updated: March 21, 2018

When is corrugated cardboard no longer allowed in the landfill?
Starting April 1, 2018, clean and dry corrugated cardboard will not be accepted in the landfill, per Lincoln Municipal Code 8.32.040*.
Do I need to separate non-corrugated cardboard from the corrugated cardboard?
No, all types of cardboard should be placed in the same cardboard recycling bins. While the city ban is only for corrugated cardboard, the University recycles all types.
Should I recycle cardboard if it is wet or contains food?
No, any cardboard that is completely wet or contains food waste must be placed in the trash bin, and will be accepted into the landfill.
How does the city-wide cardboard ban affect the University?
The University community has long been recycling cardboard and will maintain our current practice. All cardboard will continue to be placed in one cardboard recycling container. Our data suggests that we already divert more than 90% of the cardboard disposed of on campus.
What is classified as cardboard?
Stiff paper including cardstock, chipboard, corrugated fiberboard, and honeycomb board. Common cardboard products include: Kleenex boxes, pizza boxes, cereal boxes, etc.
How do I recycle cardboard?
Take your clean, dry, and flattened cardboard to the nearest cardboard recycling bin available. View the Pickup Schedule to find the nearest cardboard bin location.
The cardboard bin is full, what should I do?
Please check the cardboard pick-up schedule which is part of the Pickup Schedule. You can also contact the Facilities Service Desk at 402-472-1550.
Can greasy pizza boxes be recycled?
Yes. Pizza boxes that have pizza grease stains can be recycled, as long as there is no solid food residue.
How can I learn more about the city-wide cardboard disposal ban and off-campus recycling?
For additional information regarding the city-wide cardboard disposal ban and off-campus recycling drop off sites, please visit the city's Recycling website.
How is recycling operated at the University?
The recycling operation at the University is multi-stream, meaning we rely on voluntary participation from our faculty, staff and students to take the recyclables - plastic, paper or cardboard, to the nearest bin usually located outside the building. Recycling trucks pick-up the recycled materials from individual buildings on different schedules. You can find the schedule for your building here by visiting the Pickup Schedule page.
What happens to the recycled cardboard?
The cardboard you put in the cardboard recycle bin gets taken to a nearby recycling processing center.