Recycle Container Request

Thanks for your interest in recycling

Below you may request a container for everyday desk side recycling or for an office clean out.

Please note the following:

  • These containers are provided by UNL Recycling.
  • If these containers are for an outdoor event on campus, please contact the Nebraska Union Reservation and Events at 402-472-8167
  • Students living in residential housing should contact UNL Housing.
  • This is a request form, your submission does not guarantee a container. We will contact you about your request concerning location and availability of containers.
Container Request
Please be specific about the location, e.g. Oldfather Hall, 6th floor - southeast corner in the lounge, room 647
Is this a permanent or temporary request?
Date Needed
14 Quart Deskside
28 Quart Deskside (Blue)
28 Quart Deskside (Brown)
41 Quart Deskside
23 Gallon Slim Jim (Paper Lid)
23 Gallon Slim Jim (Bottle Lid)
45 Gallon Tote
65 Gallon Tote
95 Gallon Tote
Specify which of the above containers you would like labeled. Choices: Office Paper, Newspaper, Cardboard, Plastic, Aluminum.
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In accepting this container I agree to

- Use it exclusively for recycling, not trash
- Arrange for materials to be moved to the dock area to help the recycling drivers
- Return the container if it is no longer needed

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