Recycling at UNL

Abstract image of building facade in black and red. Photo by Craig Chandler

We are one of the best institutions of higher education in Nebraska for recycling and waste diversion. In 2019, we diverted 59 percent of our total waste from the landfill and know we can do better. We need your help to continue and improve our efforts. Here is what you can do:

Identify the dumpster/dock area where our drivers pickup recyclable materials. Most locations have a dumpster or large tote for office paper, a dumpster for cardboard, and a large tote for plastic/aluminum.

Empty full containers in the appropriate tote/dumpster at the nearest pick up location. Please note that plastic and aluminum are collected together, and must be bagged and tied before placed in the pick-up location bin.

Monitor your work area. If you see recycling overflow, please pick up around the container. If dumpsters at pick-up locations are full prior to the designated pick-up day, call or e-mail UNL Recycling to request an earlier pickup.

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