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Recycling at UNL Accepted Materials
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Our mission is to promote waste reduction, reuse, and recycling while educating students, faculty, and staff on how to make simple lifestyle changes that positively impact local and global natural environments through voluntary partnership with our program.

Make a Difference on Campus and in the Community

Practicing the 3 R's is an easy way to help make a positive impact on UNL and the surrounding Lincoln Community. Learn more about Lincoln and Lancaster County's water reduction guidelines.

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Recycling Success

In 2019, UNL diverted 3354 tons of materials away from landfill with a diversion rate of


Let's continue to strive to increase our recycling rate at UNL!

As a result of your recycling efforts in 2019,
UNL was able to conserve:

  • 11,837 Trees
  • 4,874,240 Gallons of Water
  • 974,848 lbs of Air Pollution
  • 2,854,912 kW Hours of Electricity
  • 2,298 cu yd of landfill space
View 2015-2019 Recycling Numbers

Meet Our Team

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Troy Davis
Refuse / Recycling Material Collector

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Morgan Hartman
Project Coordinator

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Rich Hennecke
Refuse / Recycling Material Collector

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Dustin King
Refuse / Recycling Material Collector

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Rich Wahl
Waste and Recycling Manager

Report a problem or request service

Contact your Building Maintenance Reporter (BMR) in your building to report a problem or request service. If a BMR is not available, you may call the Facilities Service Desk directly at 402-472-1550.

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